[Voted] Vest all NFT HFT rewards Immediately

  • Title: [DRAFT] Vest all NFT HFT rewards Immediately

  • Author(s): @ optimizer

  • Submission Date: December 7th 2022

  • Simple Summary:

NFT rewards have been the focus of the hashflow dao for several weeks.
The community would be better off vesting all nft HFTs immediately, with no delay, so that we can focus on more productive discussions in the future.

Additionally, NFT vests will be a looming threat cloud over hashflow for the next several months, potentially several years, and scares potential supporters.
It is wiser to get rid of short term minded NFT holders quickly, so that we can focus on building for the long term.

  • Motivation:
    No more NFT vesting discussions. Eliminating continuous long term selling pressure.

  • Benefits (Pros):
    Short term sellers immediately exit the project, which improves the quality of discourse moving forward.
    Long term holders immediately get all their voting power for future hashflow dao proposals.

  • Downside (Cons):
    Maybe a few hours of increased sells after the proposal is implemented, but this will recover quickly as markets can quickly price in that most of the selling is over. I expect a very short period of volatility and fast recovery once buyers realize the worst is over.

  • Voting:
    Yes - We should vest all nft rewards from early contributors immediately
    No - We should not vest rewards immediately


You mean unvest, right?

Totally agree, we need to think of long term holders too, the price hasn’t been looking good lately.

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I mean all the tokens that are “unvested” should immediately be vested so all early nft contributors get their $HFT instantly, the way it was originally intended.

Yes. Long term holders will hurt much more from several months of 1k/month vesting to several holders, better to have the event pass quickly, short term speculators exit fast, so we can look to the upside and build with OGs.

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Tbh, agree with this proposal from the token success perspective (success of token <-> success of the project)
That’s the only way to avoid continuous sell pressure for token.
Those who don’t believe will left our DAO, new users will come.


Yep, that’s the whole idea.

I generally disagree with this, having seen the voting activity in previous proposals. There are NFT hodlers that would vest multiple hundreds of thousands (some more than 1M) HFT. This could create disproportionate voting power in governance and result in a hostile takeover.

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