[RFC] Pause NFT vesting until Hashverse is official launched

  • Title: Pause NFT vesting until Hashverse is official launched.
  • Author(s): @moon998
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  • Submission Date: 12/29/2022

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary: Alter HFT rewards as follows:

Option 1. Vest all to-date unvested HFT for NFT holders according to the following schedule:

  • 25% vested and unlocked at Hashverse launch day (most probably in March, 2023)
  • 75% vested and unlocked daily over the 8 months thereafter ( 1 year after TGE,same vesting time)

Option 2. Put the NFT holder HFT awards in a “sanctuary” – neither the amount nor the vesting schedule would be changeable by any subsequent proposal

  • Abstract: The Hashflow community has been divided, and the polarization is apparent given the focus of recent proposals. These proposals have generated dissent between the first camp, who want to eliminate emissions, and the second camp, who are loyal users who want to keep the rights to their previously earned HFT (and rightly so).

This proposal recommends a way forward that would be amenable to both camps, and would allow governance to focus on what matters the most: improving the trading experience, creating new technology and new partnerships, launching the Hashverse, and creating more utility for HFT.

On the one hand, we would extend vesting pertaining to NFTs. This should allow for Hashverse to be fully rolled out (more token utility), and resonate with the community members who are fighting to slow down emissions.

On the other hand, NFT holders would a) get their rewards in full b) not have to worry about subsequent proposals trying to alter their rewards.

Many NFTs were purchased on secondary markets and these owners have expressed their concerns about their tokens being treated in a manner that is inconsistent with other Hashflow early backers. This proposal addresses those concerns by standardizing these vesting periods and rendering these tokens immune to any further DAO proposals.

  • Motivation: What problems will this proposal address/solve? What’s the value-add?

This proposal aims to create a middle ground that:

a) increases the confidence of HFT holders

b) addresses a lot of the FUD currently running in the community

c) aligns the community on a shared goal of creating the best trading experience, as well as generating utility for HFT

  • Specification & Rationale:

For 1: The vesting will be temporary paused until hashverse launch and reopen the vesting as followed schedule( 25% vested and unlocked at Hashverse launch day, 75% vested and unlocked daily over the 8 months thereafter)

For 2: There is no need for formal implementation. Any subsequent proposal attempting to amend these terms shall be deemed to pose systemic risk to the DAO.

  • Benefits (Pros): Stop the sell pressure as some people’s wish,no more reason to blame why price is dropping.

  • Downside (Cons): no obvious disadvantages

  • Voting: “Yes” to implement, “No” to skip

NO!! No more mention about vesting nft

Sounds good!

But let’s replace this paragraph with - 75% vested and unlocked daily over the 8 months thereafter ( 1 year after TGE,same vesting time)

As suggested before:
people with > 200K to vest = 1250 HFT daily
people with > 100K to vest = 1000 HFT daily
people with > 50K to vest = 750 HFT daily
rest = 500 HFT daily

Holders remain in a stable position as the conditions for them remain the same and the reduction of pressure on token by sellers will be decreased!