[RFC] Keep the current vesting startegy for NFT rewards and close all further discussions related to this

Author(s): @tD1
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Submission Date: 12.01.2022

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary: keep the current vesting strategy for NFT vested tokens and close all further discussions about changing this.

  • Abstract & Motivation & (Specification & Rationale): many of users are not happy about changing the vesting strategy again. Holders of NFT vested tokens are fine with the current vesting strategy (365 days vesting period with 1k+ daily unlocks), and they don’t want whales to decide for them what should be done. So with this proposal we can close this issue once and for all.

Benefits (Pros):

Downside (Cons):

“yes” – you agree with the idea to keep the current vesting strategy
“no” – you do not agree


Yes, i do think current vesting strategy has less effect to HFT price


Yes, I agree

Because the owner of the preceding proposal attacked me on Discord, I think it’s better to give my comments here because she didn’t reply, she just threatened. Unfortunately I cant only send one image because I’m new here.

I’m against any proposal for changing NFT holders’ rules, simply because they can’t vote! and yes I’m an NFT holder. read more for details

Hi everyone, I’ve been following recent DAO activities and think maybe I should try my best attempt to keep my shares and keep my rights in this system.

In Hashflow, everyone has different shares of tokens, small or big.

They (or we) decided to put a ceiling for claiming HFT so that we will have equal or almost equal voting power, that’s great.

The final tokenomics announced that you can claim 30K at TGE and LP rewards will be distributed the day after that. NFT holders’ tokens will be distributed next month. I didn’t find the ceiling for vested LP tokens but let’s say both have a 1K daily ceiling to claim.
Black part is going to be vested (next image)

The above picture is great, everyone has the same (30K) voting power. but wait a minute!
23 days passed and LP providers claimed some tokens!

TGE was 7 Nov and today is 1 Dec, 6 days remain for NFT holders to claim their daily tokens, and 23 days passed for LP tokens claiming.

This is the important part, let’s say everyone sold at TGE, (all 30K) I mean everyone… so the blue part will be cut down and we will have the black part.

So, I’m still waiting for my tokens and someone else has roughly 23K tokens right now.

Me (sold all + 0 now)
Someone (sold all + 23 * 1K/daily)

Another important part is if you’re saying you could hold to vote.
Again, think out of the box.
Me: (30k + 0)
Someone (30K + 23 * 1K/daily)

I wan to mention clearly and keep focus on these:

  • The big problem, massive unfairness here is that some people started to write greedy proposals for who? me. I’m still waiting to claim my tokens and guess what. who can vote? Not me!


I’m just looking for someone, especially from the team members to convince me what is happening right now and what happened to all discussions and efforts to have a good DAO? why can someone decide about my tokens, not me?

Please tell me you see this. unvested LP providers can keep posting 100 proposals and postpone NFT holders claiming for ever WHILE I CAN’T VOTE! please tell me you see this.

I’m not talking whether these proposal is good or bad! Let’s say it’s 100% beneficial for NFT holders. but WE CAN’T VOTE and UNVESTED LP PROVIDERS CAN REJECT IT MILLION TIMES!!!

  • I want to ask guardians and team mebers to consider this explanation (and of course rights of NFT holders) and reconsider allowing these kind of proposals for voting.

I invite everyone to participate and stop it.

Thank you for reading.


or give them all of their tokens today to sell and close all further discussions related to this

Have you guys noticed that the team is currently trying to quietly push through a proposal on Snapshot as we speak that will screw over NFT holders? They have purposely not listed it under the ‘Formal Proposals’ category which has been the rule for every single Snapshot vote up until now…

This is the most corrupt governance system I have ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes upon. Please, if you see this, help spread the word so that we can shine some light on what the team is doing.

This is another major issue, I’ve asked the guardians to defend of their choice and answer to my claim. tD1 as one of the guardians accepted to write this proposal, which still needs someone with 1M HFT to start being voted.

But another guardian attacked me and asked me for my real name, I don’t know how it’s important, I’m one of the NFT holders and my name is X and my wallet is Y and I have rights to defend my shares, the official documents and tokenomics, and talk about this huge unfairness.

sorry, but I’m not a guardian :slight_smile:
our Guardians are:
our General Counsel, ser Brian and ser Memento7Mori

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Thanks for clarification, my mistake.

anyone with 1m+ HFT tokens can create a proposal on snapshot:

yes…best idea…i think they just create fud

agreed on this!!!

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Totally agreed!

This is what I’m trying to say for the whole week and some community members were angry about why just NFT holders disagree! because these proposals are only about us, nothing else!

Any proposal related to changing tokenomics was only valid at day 1 of TGE not today.
Today, LP providers have much more voting power than before and they can easily decide about us.

We don’t say unlock tokens faster, we are saying change nothing about tokenomics. We’re saying you can’t decide about ours because we can’t vote!

Rules and tokenomics has been written before, let it happen. Please keep this community from distrust and FUD.

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I agree with this one
Good points from @Kuby :+1:

I Agree on this. :+1:

and as I suggested multiple times before let’s bring up more topics about HFT utility.
(For instance I kinda like the Idea of Hashverse NFT Marketplace with HFT as Payment.)

Totally agreed! Ideally this is also enforced by code - @gxmxni are we able to make the vesting contract immutable following the acceptance of this proposal?

The team isn’t quietly pushing anything. That proposal came in late night and people who are handling the announcement process didn’t have the chance to react to it – which is why there are 2 days for proposals to run, so that everyone can see it.

You’ve been attacking the team from the first second you showed up on this forum, and have no basis to your accusations. We’re not here to entertain your baseless discourse, we’re here to create valuable trading products. Grow the f up.

We don’t use Merkle roots, but this would be the easiest proposal to implement – all we have to do is “do nothing”!

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I support this proposal

I agree with this, i think current vesting is pretty good , we should not change it and create more chaos

I am on the side of fast release of vested HFTs. the sooner we dispose the Dumpers the sooner we will create a more unified and pure Community.

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