[RFC] Place HFT based on NFT in the asylum and undo unfair vesting. Equitable vesting schedule after running the Hashverse

  • Title: [DRAFT] Place HFT based on NFT in the asylum and undo unfair vesting. Equitable vesting schedule after running the Hashverse
  • Author(s): @EY84
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  • Submission Date: 12/31/2022

Simple Summary:
In creating this proposal, I urge all of you to make an informed decision and consider the interests of the entire community. We need to put HFT based on NFT in the shelter and repeal the unfair vesting (which unfortunately was).

Also small tweaks to the updated fair vesting schedule once the HasHverse is up and running. When there will be more clarity on the application and usefulness of HFT.

Specification and Justification:

  1. Place the NFT HFT award holder in “sanctuary” - neither the amount nor the vesting schedule can be changed by any subsequent offer.

  2. Extended token lock-in period until HasHverse launches (otherwise until March 1, 2023)

Then unlocking:

  • people with > 200K to vest = 1,250 HFT daily
  • people with > 100K to vest = 1000 HFT daily
  • people with > 50K to vest = 750 HFT daily
  • others = 500 HFT daily

This should allow full deployment of the Hashverse (more utility tokens) and find resonance with community members who are struggling to slow down emissions.

On the other hand, all NFT holders:

a) will get their rewards in full,
b) they won’t have to worry about subsequent offerings trying to change their rewards.

Many NFTs have been bought on secondary markets, and these holders have expressed concerns about the treatment of their tokens, which is incompatible with other early Hashflow proponents. This proposal addresses these concerns by standardizing these vesting periods and making these tokens immune to any further DAO offerings.

Specification & Rationale:
This proposal brings together the best of the previous proposals.

It all aligns the rights of all categories of NFT holders and provides protection for all.

Any subsequent proposal attempting to change these conditions will be considered a systemic risk to the DAO and will be unanimously rejected by the Guardians.

Benefits (Pros):
This proposal aims to:

  • Increase the confidence of HFT holders

  • Reduces pressure on the token by sellers

  • Addressing the many FUDs that are currently occurring in the community

  • Keeps holders stable as conditions for them remain the same

  • Bringing the community together for the common goal of creating a better trading experience as well as creating utility for HFT

Cons (Minuses):
There are virtually none, given the current state of affairs.

Yes - for it to be implemented

No - for it not to be implemented


I support it, it’s a balanced decision and a set of parameters

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Win-win proposal.
NFT holders will get their tokens, short-term speculators will avoid selling pressure for next 2 months.


Agree in that, in fact ,the price dropped is not because NFT holders are selling , its about bear market, bad sentiments.

we should not blame and make them suffer, if we use this energy in how to think to make hashflow protocol better, the price will go up naturely.

everyone want hashflow getting better, no matter new users or old users, but what happening now is creating a lot of FUD and fear to project, and also wasted team’s time to build hashverse.

lets handle this peacefully

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So I suggested the most reasonable option
The interests of the entire community are taken into account here
And we bide our time for market behavior and the launch of the Hashverse

everyone will be happy by voting yes to this proposal.I give YES.

This is acceptable to everyone.

Agree with this proposal

Agree with this proposal