[RFC] Negates all previous changes to the nft allocation and put the NFT holder HFT awards in a “sanctuary”

Proposal Structure

  • Title: [DRAFT] \Stop any changes to nft allocations and focus on future builds>
  • Author(s):
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  • Submission Date: <28/12/2022>

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary:
    Stop changing the ownership of NFT tokens, including changing the lock time, stopping distribution and other changes. Put the NFT holder HFT awards in a “sanctuary” – neither the amount nor the vesting schedule would be changeable by any subsequent proposal. Steer the community into more other constructive discussions and stop wasting time on pointless and highly debated things.

  • Abstract:
    In the recent period of tge, the community often made various attempts to change the token distribution of nft holders, which caused various disagreements in the community. NFT token shares were distributed in various ways in the past year: 1. Various trading competitions organized by the current hft foundation. 2. NFT was traded in the open market for half a year before the snapshot. 3. The transfer of the ownership share of nft before tge. 4. Most of the nft holders have got all the tokens. These changes make any proposal to change the distribution of nft tokens unfair. let’s stop making these meaningless and hurtful nft holder changes.

  • Motivation:
    Stop any changes to the tokens of nft holders, keeping the original goal. This is a fair and equitable distribution that shifts the community’s focus on the proposal in a more constructive direction.

  • Specification & Rationale: See above.

  • Benefits (Pros):
    Stopped the endless bickering over nft allocations, it doesn’t make sense. Let the community focus on a more constructive direction in the future. keep it fair

  • Downside (Cons): Some holders are dissatisfied with the distribution of nft and give up holding

  • Voting:
    Yes - approve the proposal, negates all previous changes to the nft allocation and put the NFT holder HFT awards in a “sanctuary” – neither the amount nor the vesting schedule would be changeable by any subsequent proposal, No - do not agree with the proposal


I support this proposal. NFT allocation proposals have mostly been polarizing and not constructive for the community.


I supported this one!!!


Supporting this proposal.

I personally feel I gave 200 percent to earn HFTs. It should be individual decision whether to hold or sell.

I bought house n because of medical reasons I had to leave my daily job. So i had no reason to not sell initial tokens to repay my loans/bills.

Hope you understand


I support this. we should focus on the Marketing side

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Great suggestion. I suppoerted.

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This proposal has my support as well. I believe Hashflow should prioritize marketing and future development over changing the token vesting schedule and the Tokenomics of NFT Holders. Pricing should be based on the crypto market’s supply and demand system. Everyone is free to choose whether to buy or sell their tokens. The changes will have an impact on community trust and cause confusion. It is detrimental to Hashflow’s long-term growth. Hashflow’s success will be driven by the trust of community, marketing, and technology.


I support this proposal. Does this mean if this is passed will cancel the current snapshot proposal? @gxmxni

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I support this proposal!!

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Great proposal…
This proposal is like an emergency medicine for us
I support this and after that we can focus on the most important things.
Thank you

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Yes I support this but what will happen to the current proposal on voting?

Agree, let´s focus on protocol itself

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Yes, I support this proposal. 6 proposal sent on Snapshot to change NFT allocations but it will not work! We’re pretty sure that a token gets valuable if it has utilities in an ecosystem!

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I support this proposal。We should stop this kind of proposal and let us help the project construction instead of voting here again and again for our own interests.

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It is better to spend the Time and Energy of DAO members on constructive and creative proposals rather than weekly fights and arguments over NFT holder’s tokens.

Therefore, I support this proposal to put an End on wasting the time of the DAO members.

Time is the most important and valuable asset I know. :moneybag:

While we are in a bear market, increasing the participation of new/old users in Hashverse, more collaborations and focusing on marketing can help increase the value of the product and, as a result, increase the price of the token.

(For instance, why don’t we use the creativity of Dao members to create a story line and define a strategic and exciting game for Hashverse? The community can define the story line and vote for the continuation of the story, and Hashverse will be built accordingly, and its quests will be defined and approved with the participation of Dao members. Just an Example.)

So, Let’s put aside the subject of NFT holders tokens once and for all and spend time on improving the protocol.


I Support this !!!

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Support this proposal!!

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I support supporting this proposal.

HFT tokens could help me a lot due to my financial problems. Please don’t lock my HFT tokens. I have a right to sell or hold my HFT. :sob: :house:


@yyyyyyyy his is a good suggestion!
But let’s also add a very important point here:
Put the NFT HFT award holder in “sanctuary” - neither the amount nor the vesting schedule can be changed by any subsequent offer


OK, I’ve revised the proposal to add this. I reiterate that there should be no changes to nft allocations, no compromised locks are accepted, nft holders have done nothing wrong, and any changes made to nft holders at this point in time are not fair.