[RFC] Delaying all the rewards distribution

  • Author(s): <@baroboy>
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  • Submission Date: <06.12.2022>

Simple Summary:

Delaying all reward distributions until the launch of the hashverse / crosschain function, taking into account the supply-demand balance, creating a new distribution type .


To eliminate the supply concerns of all hft owners, to continue by protecting the rights of the award winners, to ensure the deteriorated supply-demand balance, to increase the reliability of the project with the products that emerged in this process, to maintain the price balance.

Specification and Rationale:
The pressure on the price due to the unexpected market conditions due to the change in the market conditions with the post-launch ftx collapse of the prizes generously distributed by the team before the launch had a bad effect on the investors and the project as all the award winners entered the sales race for example ( [RFC] Stop vesting HFT to NFT holders who dumped most of their HFT - #9 by gxmxni ) , the crosschain feature being disabled and the function of dex decreased, the project should be given time, Preventing wash traiding , supporting organic traiding , pausing and regulating the reward distribution of supply increase until the crosschain is brought back to life and hashverse is launched to restore the supply and demand balance .

Benefits (Pros):

For the development of the project, the team is relieved of stress, allocating the trust of the investors to the project, increasing the loyalty of the award winners to the project (stop the sales race of the resulting products)

Downside (Cons): Not that I can think of.

Voting: Yes, in the sense that you want this offer to be used. No, because this does not invalidate this offer.

nahh! we already discussed this , the majority of hashgangs prefer not to delay any unlocks more