[Voted] Change the vesting schedule for HFTs from NFT rewards

Because it will give the project more positive waves to wait out the current negative market mood, as well as give the opportunity to launch the main product in its perfect form (Hashverse), as well as level the time of obtaining all blocked tokens, both whales and not to approximate one time stage.
Which will reduce the situation between the participants to equal values

Hashverse launch doesn’t depend on HFT price.
If we delay vesting now – there’ll be higher sell pressure later.

btw, lower price == more users == better decentralization, so it’s not that bad :joy:

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As a person who is not a dumper, and really care about project
I do think extending NFT vests isn’t good idea, i have around 180k unvested and i like to have more power on votes
so i’m against extending

Good point @tD1


yep, should add, all my comments are based on arguments to make the protocol better, it’s not about my profit (not gonna sell in the coming months anyway)

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The exceptional utility of the token will be provided after the full launch of the Hashverse product. In it it will reveal all its essence and power, why don’t we give time for this and not engage in leaning towards trading, because the original idea was not about speculative interests, but about building the product and using it.
Once the Hashverse is launched, everyone is left with the right to decide what to do with their tokens to keep them for use or get rid of them.
This lock-in period can give time to launch the product, eliminate the negative impact on price, and revising the vesting of tokens, brings participants into a level playing field where those who have more of them can get them at about the same time as those who have less of them.
We need to think about each other, not just about ourselves and our own interests.

I’m glad, buddy, that you can look at it from a different angle, not pursuing specific interests, but following the general interest. That really deserves respect, honesty in thinking :+1:

About 2.1 % of the supply was claimed at TGE by the first 100 wallets(TRUE WHALES) who are mostly LP providers. only 3 Million(100*30,000) of these HFTs were for NFTs here (sth about 0.3 %)

Besides, what if next year based on new tax law in the US, the team is forced to change the claiming process again and forbid all to claim their tokens?? https://s.wsj.net/public/resources/documents/LummisGillibrandbill.pdf
For this reason, I believe that the claiming process related to NFTs should start this year so that it is not subject to the new tax laws.
With FTX and other big companies that got bankrupt
We are going to see major law changes next year and as hashflow is a US company, it will be affected by these changes the most and at the end we will get the most harm in this part.

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If we start from the position of the proposed project for the intended participants, then when the project is presented on the market, this is essential for their interest, i.e. if we observe a significant decrease and decrease in value, then people pay less attention to the project (this is human psychology) and one of the ideas is to postpone trading until the release of the main product, where the token will play a key role, by which time people will turn into it for their own needs, perhaps it will improve its value and after all, everyone will have the opportunity to decide on the prohibition of actions - you continue on or you stay, but in any case, I do not think that anyone will be a loser.

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After announcing the price, everything always works differently, higher price, more attraction and involvement around it (this is again the laws of mass psychology), also we can not compare the time before and time now - there was a different market, there was a different mood, there were no crashes in the form of FTX and other things. We live and act based on new realities and we have to act on this, not live in the past.
We should take care of everyone, not just ourselves, why a whale should get his tokens later than others, if we talk about equality and then claiming that we think about everyone - this is at least hypocrisy.
Let’s take a fair look at these things. What are you afraid of when you assure me above that you have no plans to sell your endowment in the coming months? :slightly_smiling_face:

Insert HR 3708 (115th), with the following changes:
• Cannot exceed $100
• Inflation adjustment begins in 2023
• December 31, 2022 applicability
• Only applies to payment personal transactions for goods and services, does not apply
digital assets to cash, digital assets to digital assets or digital assets to other financial assets

part f)
Rulemaking Authority —The Secretary of the Treasury (or the Secretary’s delegate) may adopt rules to implement this section, including the application of this section to forks, airdrops, and similar subsidiary value .

(a) In General.—Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Treasury (or the Secretary’s delegate) shall adopt guidance relating to the following:
(1) Classification of forks, airdrops, and similar subsidiary value as taxable, contingent upon the affirmative claim and disposition of the subsidiary value by a taxpayer. Such guidance shall also permit a taxpayer to provide notification through an annual return or other appropriate means to the Internal Revenue Service relating to the exercise of dominion and control over, or disclaimer of, subsidiary value.


if we’re talking about human psychology, we’ll see tons of FUD if this proposal will be accepted.
I don’t want to distress them, since we’ve already changed the rules once, do you remember what was going on?
2-3 weeks of continuous FUD, do you want this to happen again?

to be honest, I’m afraid of FUD, since we’re listed on major exchanges, most of “crypto newspapers” aka twitter&telegram channels will write about hashflow changes the rules for users (they will write, to get some hype) → FUD.

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Talk with respect or :zipper_mouth_face:

Hey AlirezaHiker I remember you
I don’t cross the line, and I’m always in the mood for constructive conversation

Now there is no team, no one’s specific decisions. Now the decision and our fate is in our hands.
And any advertising, even anti-advertising is an engine.
We are responsible for our destiny and our future and must follow these principles, my friends :handshake:

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Thanks dear…
Its ok …just saying…
We are here for building …everyone

Note from the Hashfather on Discord:

"Hey Guys, just wanted to provide an update on the current NFT vesting proposal on Snapshot. Since the proposal allowing LPs to vote their HFT was passed prior to this one, the NFT vesting proposal will be considered invalid regardless of the results of voting.

In the interest of fairness, we’ll let you know once the functionality is in place to allow LP tokens to vote (we expect it to be early next week) and Guardians may not allow any new proposals to be voted on until then. Once LP token voting is in place, any new proposals will follow the existing framework.

In the meantime, the NFT vest proposal will remain in purgatory and may be put to revote once the new voting mechanism is in place, and Guardians may reject any purgatory proposals before the new voting mechanism is in place."

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