[RFC] Pass all governance decisions to the team until after Hashverse is released


Title: Put all governance decisions in hands of the team until Hashverse is released
Submission Date: 29th December 2022

Body Paragraphs:

This proposal aims to put the governance decisions in hands of the team at least until Hashverse is released.

The DAO right now is not mature enough to make important decisions as we have seen by the constant infighting and ridiculous proposals.

Eventually the decision making should be decentralized and the future of the project decided by token holders but right now the project is not mature enough for this and I propose the team should take the reins before some proposals are passed that will harm the project.

Many projects start like this. Right now governance is not working well and it’s taking a toll on everyone.We all trust the competence of the team to make things better. I believe this is needed now to calm the waters.

They will decide what to do with high emissions,NFT vesting and all other matters affecting the project for the foreseeable future.

I believe this is the way to go. After Hashverse is released and community is more united and mature the governance can be passed on to the community again through the DAO.

Benefits: Help the protocol flourish and address problems that clearly the community is unable to solve. Team will steer the ship in the right direction.

Downside (Cons): Community won’t make decisions for the time being.


YES: The team will make all decisions until Hashverse is released.

NO: The community will keep voting and making decisions through the DAO


I agree with this proposal.


I agree with this! our governance is kinna prone to manipulation by some whales!
we need to make sure that those who propose ideas have a skin in the game in the long run! we achive this by implementing VeHFT governance style !
on the otherside we are few weeks or even closer from hashverse so this proposal may not be needed anymore!

Its very good idea …
Our dao needs more time . And more things to learn

I agree :white_check_mark:, currently it’s only whales decision
not community

I agree
Put an end to it, we’re not kids anymore.

This cannot happen. DAO cannot vote to centralize itself.