Hashflow Governance Process

Hashgang: Welcome to the Hashflow Governance Forum!

This document details the process for developing and advancing Hashflow Governance Proposals. It is a living document that will be modified by the Hashflow team as the DAO structure and processes become formalized.

Proposal Process

Phase 1: Request for Comment

Community member creates forum post to gather initial comments.

Proposal maturity:

  • It must be reviewed & commented on for a minimum of 5 days
  • It must comply with the designated template
  • It must contain all relevant information that would be in the HIP
  • It must have thoughtful discussions addressing feedback from the community

Phase 2: Temp Check

After the 5 days comment period, community member can submit a first [Temp Check] vote on Snapshot (“Hashflow Temperature Check” project, URL = /hashflowdao-temp.eth) to gauge initial consensus:

  • Voting period: 2 days
  • Create poll: 5K veHFT
  • Majority (50%) passes
  • Quorum: 10K veHFT

Phase 3: HIP

If proposal passes the initial [Temp Check], it will advance and become “HIP”

  • The forum post title tag will be updated to [HIP]
  • User will incorporates any last iterations based on community feedback


  • They are notified to approve or veto
  • They will review the proposal to ensure that:
    1. the proposal doesn’t create a systematic risk to the protocol, and
    2. the proposal conforms to what was submitted in step #1.
  • Need majority approval before it can be submitted by community for final vote

The same forum post remains open for minimum of 3 days before final vote.

Community submits final poll on Snapshot (“Hashflow” project, URL = /hashflowdao.eth):

  • Voting starts after 48h
  • Voting period: 3 days
  • Create poll: 25K veHFT
  • Majority (50%) passes
  • Quorum: 25K veHFT

Phase 4: Implementation

Once voting concludes:

  • If the HIP is rejected due to insufficient support, it can be resubmitted.
  • If the HIP is approved, it will be routed to the Hashflow team for implementation.



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