[RFC] Desktop Browser Extension wallet

Author : @travisscode
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Submission Date : 11/15/22

I think this is a good idea to implement, your wallet will make it easier for users to transfer HFT tokens. In addition, it will be possible to use the wallet functionality at your discretion, as it will be best for the team.

In terms of the complexity of implementing your wallet, I think it’s not very difficult given the large number of open source code.
The disadvantages of all this is that you need an experienced developer of such wallets and testing this application. Therefore, you will need to run a bounty program or something like that.

This is my proposal for the current dao, thank you for your attention. :heart:


@TraviSScode Thanks for sharing your idea! Can you revise your proposal’s format according to the template, and fill in any additional details needed based on that?

Please add pencil to edit publications. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Voting yes will entail the beginning of work on the wallet and the creation of its concept and the possibility of its implementation.
Voting no will entail the cancellation of this idea or some kind of change in this proposal.

@TraviSScode Hmm you should have the permission to… if you follow this step here, do you see the pencil icon and is it clickable for you?

Thank you for this suggestion. While building a wallet is entirely, feasible, I am generally against the idea at this moment as:

  • it would require engineering resources, taking away from the development of items that are higher impact (e.g. Hashverse development)
  • it doesn’t quite fall within the scope of governance, as it entails the creation of an entirely separate product (even though this product is good for the ecosystem)

I accidentally deleted my first post, ha-ha :smile:
But I will write it the same way

The proposal seems interesting, given the current trend of cryptocurrencies
But, as @gxmxni rightly pointed out, and I agree with him, it shifts the team’s focus away from the really important and high priority things at this stage of planning

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