[Voted] Upgrade the Hashflow governance process

Proposal Structure

  • Title: [DRAFT] Upgrade the Hashflow governance process
  • Author(s): Victor Ionescu @gxmxni
  • Related Discussions: N/A
  • Submission Date: 22 April 2023

Simple Summary:

This proposal changes the phases of Hashflow Governance in order to both create more rigor / structure, and allow for more voices to be heard. It introduces a multi-stage governance process that allows for more thorough discussions on the proposals and requires more details to be shared prior to passing a vote.


We propose to change the governance process into the following phases:

Phase 1: Request for Comment

User creates forum post to gather initial comments.

Proposal maturity:

  • It must be reviewed & commented on for a minimum of 5 days
  • It must comply with the designated template
  • It must contain all relevant information that would be in the HIP
  • It must have thoughtful discussions addressing feedback from the community

Phase 2: Temp Check

After the 5 days comment period, community member can submit a first [Temp Check] Snapshot vote to gauge initial consensus:

  • Voting period: 2 days
  • Create poll: 10K veHFT
  • Majority (50%) passes
  • Quorum: 15K veHFT

Phase 3: HIP

If proposal passes the initial [Temp Check], it will advance and become “HIP”

The user:

  • Tags forum post title with [HIP]
  • Incorporates any last iterations based on feedback


  • They are notified to approve or veto
  • Need majority approval before it can be submitted by community for final vote

The same forum post remains open for minimum of 3 days before final vote
Community submits final Snapshot:

  • Voting starts after 48h
  • Voting period: 3 days
  • Create poll: 100K veHFT
  • Majority (50%) passes
  • Quorum: 100K veHFT


The proposal has the following objectives:

  • Drive & grow active participation by meaningful stakeholders within governance
  • Streamline end-to-end process & comms
  • Promote a decentralized community

Specification & Rationale:

This change would require:

  • changes to the existing Snapshot page
  • creating another Snapshot page for Temp Check (Snapshot only supports one configuration per page)
  • changes to forum categories / templates

Benefits (Pros):

  • more time for people to get familiar with the proposals
  • higher degree of decentralization
  • more rigor and quality around the contents of the proposal

Downside (Cons):

  • longer time to pass proposals


  • yes for the structure to change
  • no for the structure to stay the same
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I feel these updates need to include the ability to delegate votes. That way someone with strong ideas can get allocations from others to hit the 10k necessary

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I support this proposal, it considers the interests of the majority and gives everyone a voice

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5 Days (Comments) + 2 Days (Temp Check) + 2 Days (Guardian’s Review) + 3 Days (Final Voting) =Approx. 12 Days

This appears to be an excellent way to get enough feedback from the community and
make a decision that is well-informed.

I vote (YES).

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