[RFC] Rewarding users who provide successful proposals

Author(s): @Alustath
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Submission Date: 11/23/2022

Simple Summary: as the title suggests, very simple and clear proposal to reward users who provide successful proposals (including this one if it turns out to be a successful one ;))

Abstract: In case any proposal is accepted by the DAO and gets implemented, it would be fair to reward the one who came up with it.

Motivation: motivating users to think about successful proposals leads to the success of the project.

Specification & Rationale: once a user submits a draft proposal like this one, it gets discussed, and once most members agree, it get raised to formal proposal level by one HFTionair :slight_smile: then it goes to voting stage, if it gets passed, it will be implemented and the whole community will reap the benefits of this successful proposal, it would be a fair argument to reward the person who came up with this idea and shared it with others here with 1K to 10K HFTs depending on the value of the proposal to the project (reward value to be determined by the DAO on case by case basis).
afterwards, a hashteam member communicates with author here or in discord to share his wallet ID and send him the reward.

Benefits (Pros):

  1. increase the number of proposals
  2. raise the quality level of the proposals
  3. return some favor to users who shared their ideas and motivate them to share more
  4. motivate other users to share their thoughts

Downside (Cons): only some additional cost to DAO

Voting: Yes= agree, No= dis-agree.

Counter-thought here: why not find a way to incentivize forum participation that integrates with the HashVerse? Instead of looking at the number of proposals that pass (which IMO is a pretty bogus metric), forum activity can earn discretionary points in the HashVerse, which in turn would make a user more likely to get HFT rewards.


Yes, it is a good idea to integrate HashVerse, which will attract real participants and discussion of new proposals in the long term development of the entire Hashflow ecosystem :white_check_mark:

this is what we do in hashverse , and rewarding them is one of the best way for incentivizing people to participate in governance . stay tuned for hashves my fren and keep posting proposals :slight_smile:

yes could be done that way as well