[RFC] Hashflow Usernames

Proposal Structure

  • Title: [DRAFT] Hashflow Usernames
  • Author(s): @neo3t
  • Submission Date: 12/12/2022


  • Simple Summary: TL,DR : Create .HFT handles to navigate through Hashflow, registered on the blockchain.

  • Abstract: We are a team of developers who would like to build native decentralized domains on Hashflow. It would be an innovative system working in a similar way to ENS for the back-end. The feature aims to register user with usernames such as username.hft on Hashflow instead of simple adresses.

  • Motivation: More than technical use-cases, we believe a sense of community is primordial when building a product especially on the blockchain. Therefore, it would be great to have a feature for the community to have a traceable Hashflow identity while using Hashflow.

  • Specification & Rationale: The feature has a large potential for growth which would increase transactions by facilitating exchanges and profiles. It would also create great use-cases for competitions and leaderboards.

  • Benefits (Pros): As discussed with the team, the DAO would benefit financially from this by receiving the incentives (domain fees). It would be a way to bring the community together but also an opportunity for them to support Hashflow and get more visibility.

  • Downside (Cons): Options such as Unstoppable Domains exist, although the domains wouldn’t be integrated into Hashflow (the solution doesn’t provide use-cases whereas we would built it for Hashflow).

  • Voting: Voting: Yes would mean you want this proposal to be implemented. No would mean you do not want this proposal implemented.

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I don’t think we need something like this, since there’s no any utility.

too early to talk about these stuffs

It seems like an interesting idea. But currently it is not a priority for Hashflow.

can we get some information about how much this would cost the dao and how long it would take to implement @neo3t

Understood! Thank you for the feedback.

Around $40,000 and it would be integrated within a month, including a session within two weeks in which the dao is testing the feature / providing feedbacks and then we can deliver a final product.

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