[RFC] Allow affected users of NFT allocation termination to convert to veHFT

Proposal Structure

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary:

This proposal gives the option to convert to veHFT for users who their HFT allocation might be terminated by the snapshot proposal Snapshot

  • Abstract:

Instead of taking away - this allows for holders to retain tokens and full voting power.

  • Motivation:

I strongly disagree with taking tokens from NFT holders and so I think the best solution would be to convert the unvested / terminated portion to veHFT.

  • Specification & Rationale:

Implementation is simple - allow the affected users to convert to veHFT to access their full voting power (the time lock needs to be the max one).

  • Benefits (Pros):

Stop from the terminated users selling their tokens and encourage them to participate in governance.

  • Downside (Cons):

Not that I can think of.

  • Voting:

Yes - means implement this proposal.
No means do not implement it.

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This proposal makes sense, since “terminate vesting” point is not disclosed in original one.

If opening proposal pass…this is a good idea.
I support this proposal

Affected users on the ongoing proposal are totally wrong.
for instance, I will be included because I transferred my tokens from A => B, as the proposal announced: I sold 100% of my claiming in the original wallet but this is totally wrong.
I wish this proposal was never exist! I wrote a new proposal to fix problems in it, take a look: [DRAFT] Reschedule vesting of high potential sellers to slow down token emission

I’ve been talking to people separately on Discord, but putting my concerns here for visibility. If we ve-lock tokens:

  • they should be locked for a max or close to max period of time – this would result in at least 2y worth of lock
  • these tokens would be unlocked all at once
  • there could be some imbalances in voting power, prolonging the issues we have with voting power distribution rn