[RFC] Open Hashflow for Hedera users

  • Author(s): Araqen
  • Submission Date: 23.01.2023

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary: Hedera is relatively new chain but it’s growing user-base and recent exposition to high value investors, corporations and media proves that it has future to look for. Hedera community is very mature and I am sure they will appreciate the opportunities that Hashflow offers.

  • Abstract: With the recent World Economic Forum exposure and the launch of ATMA on Hedera the chain seen very promising growth. They processed 50 million transaction a day with the total number of transactions since launch reaching 3 billion. These are all amazing numbers and we can add the average of 600 TPS it makes Hedera one of the fastest and most robust chains in Web3. The community is growing exponentially and Hedera seems to gain a lot of traction as it matures and evolves. It’s important to say that 99% of these transactions were the consensus transactions (most of them from ATMA) but these numbers and benchmarks surely attracted a lot of attention.

  • Motivation: Since Hedera has only one major DEX (SauceSwap) and one on-the-way (Pangolin) I think Hashflow has a real shot to be one of the first major DEXes on Hedera. This kind of early exposure usually comes with the foundation media coverage and potentially, opens the door for partnerships with their governance council members which are some of the largest corporations in the world. Hedera is also constantly bringing new innovations to the technology and, in the future, to DeFi which could also be beneficial for Hashflow.

  • Specification & Rationale: I am personally a HBARbarian and I am very bullish on Hedera. I share a lot of their views and I think that the mixture of professional governance, generous funding and bit-tech commitment is the recipe for success in Web3. I can see this chain’s future as one of the big top5 in crypto and I believe that we are still early with Hedera and Hashflow should no sleep on this opportunity. Hedera will be big in the future and Hashflow has an opportunity to grow with it.
    From the technical perspective Hedera developed it’s EVM in February 2022 and supports Solidity SOURCE.

  • Benefits (Pros):

    • Open Hashflow to vibrant and mature HBARbarians community
    • Potential media coverage from the Hedera Foundation
    • Potential media coverage during the next WEF conference (Hedera Haus speeches)
    • Exposure of Hashflow to future Hedera DeFi innovations
  • Downside (Cons):

    • Adds another ticket to already busy pipeline.
  • Voting:

    • By voting “YES” you declare that you would like to see Hedera to be available as supported chain in Hashflow in the future.
    • By voting “NO” you declare that enabling Hedera in Hashflow is a waste of dev. resources.

obviously deploying hashflow on as many chain as possible is on our plan , however there are some chains with higher priority like aptos, solana etc, with higher hype and more incentives around them.
unfortunately herdera is not a priority I believe.

I understand as crypto is a hyped-driven casino bo we definitely want to bring the already established user base to the platform. But… let’s not sleep on Hedera too. I expect Hedera to be in top5 in the next bull run and it has amazing community

I think it’s generally easy to deploy to EVM-compatible chains (even though Hedera has some quirks that would require extra engineering attention). However, my general questions before considering such topics are:

  • how much TVL and DeFi is there on those chains
  • how much growth do we expect in DeFi on those chains

Do you have metrics around Hedera that could justify the engineering investment against something like Solana for example?