[RFC] Add utility to 'Enter the Hashverse NFTs'

Proposal to add utility to ‘Enter the Hashverse NFTs’
Author: Jerry
Submission date: 29th November 2022

An inquiry into the purpose of ‘Enter the Hashverse’ NFTs

In the lead-up to TGE, the Hashflow team released a collection of ‘Enter the Hashverse’ NFTs which currently serve zero purpose. These NFTs have not been mentioned since their release which makes me believe this was a short-sighted marketing ploy by the Hashflow team to create interest in the Hashverse with false promises and no proper plans in place (as usual).

Can the Hashflow team please publish their plans for these NFTs beyond just replying with a couple of bullet points? I would like to see evidence that this has been thought through properly, as recent events have proven that the team has a tendency to make decisions that they later regret.

Looking forward to Victor’s response!

I suggest before you make any more judgements , wait for the hashverse full story coming till December/january

All NFTs that were issued will have a part to play in Hashverse, let’s just wait :wink:

I’m generally super happy to answer any question coming from anyone, on one condition: the question should be asked with good intent. I don’t think this question comes with good intent, so I will save my answers for users who provide more constructive contributions.

Let’s be honest for once - you’re not answering because you don’t have any plans for these NFTs, and you’re probably trying to cobble some stuff together in a mad panic behind the scenes. What happened to your roadmap by the way - I noticed that you seem to have deleted every trace from Twitter and your blog? It’s almost as if you guys realized that you can’t keep to any of your promises, and decided to erase all of those ambitious plans you laid out before releasing your token? Care to comment, Victor? :wink:

It’s still blurry, we need new and clear announcements about Hashverse

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