[RFC] add an option to un-stake HFT within Hashverse

Title: [DRAFT] add an option to unlock staked HFT within Hashverse

Author(s): @Alustath

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Submission Date: 12/5/2022

Simple Summary: as titled above, simply to add an option for un-staking of HFT tokens within Hashverse

as far as what I know from the currently available info about hashverse that there will be a staking system that yields both veHFT and HFT rewards, however, users will have their tokens locked for a selected period of time, many users will be reluctant to stake their tokens due to the fact that a price-pump could occur at any day while they are locked-in and cannot do anything about it. imagine to wake up one morning and find HFT trading around $1.5 for example and you are locked in hashverse :sob:
to encourage people to stake, we need to have an option to un-stake these tokens by forfeiting the rewarded HFT and veHFT so that they have the option to sell high and buy low to increase their HFT bags (and re-stake again if they wish).

Motivation: encourage more users to stake their tokens and be active within Hashverse

Specification & Rationale:
Implementation can be quite easy at this stage, since hashverse is not yet launched, just to add an option to un-lock / un-stake and the user agrees to forfeit his rewards for the previously selected staking period.
I added in the related discussions above a link for the penalty system proposal for LP rewards, since something similar can be proposed here as well, but it will be more complicated and may drive lots of arguments about what percentage to forfeit for each period of time, that is why I prefer just to keep it simple, if someone selected for example to stake for 6 months, he has the option to wait for these 6 months and get his veHFT and HFT rewards or to forfeit all rewards and un-stake his tokens if he wants to sell high and re-buy at a lower price.

Benefits (Pros):
encourage more users to stake more tokens
increased activity within Hashverse
save on rewards from people who choose to un-stake

Downside (Cons): N/A

Voting: Yes = Agree and No = Dis-agree.

I am generally against this proposal. The whole point of veHFT is that it is locked. Curious to hear other thoughts from the community though.

veHFT will remain locked, the proposal talks about the normal HFT that we have to lock in order to obtain veHFT

There is something somewhat similar that ribbon.finance does - you can exit your veRBN position but this will come at a penalty of 75% and it decreases over time (until you complete your 2 years). Those tokens are then redistributed to lockers. The earned rewards are always yours.

If we can have a similar mechanism I’d support it.

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