[RFC] Grant application: Hashflow Protocol Alerts (Analytics)


Hashflow Protocol Alerts (Analytics)



About You:

We are a group of developers who would like to build a social media alert bot that provides daily analytics on Hashflow Protocol. We have been granted by Velas Blockchain and Redlight Chain to deploy protocols on their ecosystem in the past, and won a recent hackathon in Paris.

Tech Stack:
Backend: Python
Frontend: Vue JS\Typescript

Additional Links:

Website: https://twitter.com/VelodromeAlerts


Our objective is to design and implement a dynamic Twitter bot that delivers real-time alerts and notifications for new reward opportunities, price and volume updates, key transactions, governance updates and other essential events within the Hashflow ecosystem.

Goals and impact:

The main goal of this bot is keeping users informed and engaged about Hashflow data, our bot aims to empower individuals and foster active participation within the DeFi community.

Funding Request:

For developing and publishing a bot covering Hashflow analytics, our group of 5 developers will work on the project. To pay developers during this time and mostly to keep the bot active for years after project completion (server and hostings), we would like to request 7000 USDT.

I don’t think Hashflow Protocol needs this solution.
Hashflow have a discord bot for governance alerts.
DEX statistics can be found here: https://app.hashflow.com/dashboard

@web3analytics would the code be open source?

Following @tD1 's point, would you be able to expand on what data would be available that is not currently supported by the dashboard and existing bots?

  • Data sources: either directly on the blockchain or using the-graph, but basically aggregating several sources to diversify the different info. I want to expand the data that you currently have available.
  • About the tech stack, it depends on whether you want to run it or not. The idea is to retain ownership so I’d rather the code not being open source, but I can discuss that with you. To come back to the run, you’ll have to say so now if you want to run it. I believe that if I run it, updates will be continuous, for example a system in the future of tweet confirmation, where you can see the tweets before they are published (~15mins)

While the DEX statistics provide valuable information for Hashflow users within the platform, our bot offers a unique approach to engage and market to users outside of the Hashflow community.

By providing the statistics directly on Twitter through our bot, we can reach a wider audience and potentially attract new users who may not be familiar with Hashflow. This differentiates our solution from the data displayed on the Hashflow dashboard, as it focuses on expanding the user base and increasing engagement beyond the existing community.
By also expanding the data provided by the bot, we can offer more insights to both Hashflow users and those interested in DeFi. This continuous expansion of data further sets our solution apart and positions it as a comprehensive resource for users seeking information and updates.

Sorry, I don’t think protocol needs this.
Sincerely, it takes a few lines of code and twitter api to implement your proposal, while your company requests 7k USDT, it’s overpriced (a lot).