[RFC] A proposal to change the current voting format and set some basic conditions to have better and more acceptable proposals in the future

Proposal Structure

Title: [PROJECT] A proposal to change the current voting format and set some basic conditions to have better and more acceptable proposals in the future.

Author(s): @danhan

Due date: 12/07/222

Body Paragraphs:

Simple summary:

By setting a series of conditions for voting on the proposals, it is possible to help the proposals that are more acceptable among the community and are more important to be approved, and also the time is given to the community to discuss the proposals and issues.


Since it is necessary to discuss and review the various proposals in sufficient time and reach the proposal whose problems have been resolved before the start of voting.

And also considering that there is a need to set a minimum for the number of required votes so that the proposals that are approved have the desired acceptability from the point of view of the community.

It is suggested that the changes that will be mentioned be applied to the voting process.

Specification and rationale:

  • The review time of each proposal in the forum should be changed to 5 days.
  • The author of each proposal will review the important comments and apply them, if necessary, before starting the voting in Snapshot.
  • Setting a minimum of 1 million HFT votes for a proposal to have an official format and to be determined of concern to all community members.
  • At least 1 full day before the start of voting, an announcement about the start and end time of voting should be made in Snapshot.
  • For the proposal to be approved, it needs at least 60% of the votes.
  • Changing the voting period in Snapshot to 3 full days.

Benefits (Pros):

  • Approved proposals after this process will be more acceptable and it is clear that the concerns of a significant part of the community have been taken into consideration.
  • The time needed to review the proposals will be given to the users both in the forum and in Snapshot, and with the desired announcements before the start of voting, all users will be ready for the process and there will be no surprises.

Minuses (Cons):

Lengthening the time for reviewing proposals may lead to a reduction in community follow-up to the entire process.

Yes - for it to be implemented, No - for it not to be implemented


If you have any comments about the generality of the proposal or see the need to change and modify some parts of it, be sure to mention it.

You have mentioned very good points here. :+1: I vote Yes

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Have fleshed out the reasoning behind the numbers a bit more in my proposal here: Defining voting parameters to optimize future improvement proposals

Yes we definitely need boundaries for every proposal and voting one. I would like to hear the team’s feedback as well.

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