[RFC] Active pools action fees

Please use this template to structure your proposals for Hashflow.

Proposal Structure

  • Title: active pools action fees
  • Author(s): moon998
  • Related Discussions: none
  • Submission Date: 23 November 2022

Body Paragraphs:

  • Simple Summary: Active pools deposit/withdrawl fees.

  • Abstract: By activating this feature there will set some limit when interacting with pools which it might be good for ecosystem,only those who want to grow together with hashflow in long term should get awarded.

  • Motivation: Decrease free token farmer,bring real hashgang.

  • Specification & Rationale: hashflow pools is giving pretty high APY rewards comparing with many other projects,this will attract people to deposit funds, but most of them are free token farmers,which only come for high rewards,when APY is decreased they will inmediately move to other projects.
    Details should be discussed more, but here is my thinking,for deposit/withdrawl fees, we can choose to pay the fees in the fund size net worth(0.05%) for example, or we can even use HFT as the fee with discounts, e.g if you want to deposit, you have to pay 1000HFT or for those who staked 10000 HFT the fee is free,no need to pay.

  • Benefits (Pros): Fees will go into community treasury,bring more utilities to HFT token,create a healty community, decrease sell preasure.

  • Downside (Cons):free token farmers will leave, TVL will decrease(temporary)

  • Voting: Define what a “yes” and “no” vote entails.

thanks for your proposal, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t agree with it, since this will drive down the liquidity tremendously as many users will be reluctant to deposit with such high fees requirements that will eat up their earned APY, resulting in low incentive for new users to participate.
to the contrary of this proposal, I believe that - as a new DEX - we shall incentivize liquidity provision as much as possible in the coming months to increase trading volume and also the number of traded tokens, which would result in higher ranking for hashflow.

working on this part and will send my proposal in more efficient way

FWIW I don’t agree with this proposal, as I believe it will discourage participation - 1000 HFT is pretty steep and I think this would be an industry-first layer of friction.

However, the idea of giving more benefits to HFT stakers is something very interesting. I believe there are other benefits that we could provide. For example, if the protocol charged fees at any point in time, stakers could get a discount on the fees or be exempt altogether.

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