[Passed] Use ARB rewards from Arbitrum to support the growth of the Hashflow community/products

Simple Summary:

  • This proposal suggests distributing ARB token rewards from the Arbitrum Foundation to Hashflow users in order to foster growth, adoption, and usage of the Hashflow protocol, as well as to reward Hashflow’s loyal users.


  • In March 2023, Hashflow received 386,311 ARB tokens in community rewards from the Arbitrum Foundation as an early participant in its ecosystem. Since deploying on Arbitrum in 2022, Hashflow has seen significant trade volume and user growth on Arbitrum.

  • We want to continue to support those who have supported us, as well as attract new and loyal community members. As the former Chief Marketing Officer of Arbitrum, I propose that we distribute these tokens to new and existing Hashflow/Arbitrum users via community incentive programs.

  • These tokens will be distributed to users via programs that are not limited to but may include usage incentives, affiliate incentives, and community contests, and will be administered by the Hashflow Foundation on behalf of the community.

Benefits (Pros):

  • Increased product adoption and user growth for the Hashflow protocol.
  • Continue to foster a community of loyal, active DeFi natives that share in the success of Hashflow.

Downside (Cons):

  • None.


  • Yes to support the use of the ARB tokens by the Hashflow foundation
  • No to keep the ARB tokens in the DAO treasury

As a loyal member and user of the Arbitrum Chain, i vote YES on this proposal! … 100% Full send :sunglasses:
Hashflow is poised to be one of the top DEX’s in the ecosystem used by Arbitrum enjoyoors and others alike. the recent additions and support of other chains on Hashflow could potentially bring new users to the Arbitrum ecosystem. This proposal would Incentivize new users to the chain and help towards the goal of mass adoption

I’ll support this proposal, time to use the grant :slight_smile:

I agree with this proposal

As a longtime member of the community, I support this proposal!

where to vote?On snapshot.org?

As an active member in the Arbitrum community I support this proposal.

Yes the community will be able to submit this initial proposal for a Temperature Check on Snapshot (Temp Check portal here) after this RFC has been live on this forum and discussed for 5 days. If the Temp Check is passed, this proposal will become a HIP, and be eligible to be submitted for a final vote (seperate Snapshot portal here), pending Guardians’ approval.

I agree with this suggestion.
I think that the results of previous trade volume competitions on the arbitrum chain should also be evaluated.

I agree.
Just one thing to confirm. Does the Hashflow Foundation decide the specific usage? Or will it be decided by DAO voting?

Hi if the DAO approves this proposal, then the Hashflow Foundation will be the one to determine the specific usage per the abstract of this proposal.

I completely agree with this proposal, because it makes loyal users more loyal and they will spread the word in their community, by X (formerly twitter), telegram, etc. So, much good vibe will arise in favor of Hashflow

I fully support this proposal, as it will not create any inflationary pressure on HFT tokens and will increase engagement within the community, ultimately aiding in the adoption of our product. However, considering past experiences, I would like to emphasize the importance of having a clear rewarding system and allowing community members to participate in shaping the eligibility criteria. This could potentially be addressed in another forum post.


Sir Colonel Saunders, this is the ultimate behavior you do and shows your goodwill to the community,

I choose yes to this proposal

This initial proposal has passed the Temp Check with quorum and is now an HIP. Guardians review for this HIP has commenced.

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Proposal does not pose any systemic risk to the protocol.

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Proposal does not pose any systemic risk to the protocol.

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Proposal does not pose any systemic risk to the protocol.

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This proposal has passed the final vote with quorum and will be implemented.